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Model:                             SWORD 60A SBEC ESC

Weight:                            65g

Size:                                55*30mm

Constant Current:            60A

Max Current:                    80A

BEC:                                 YES

Input:                                2 to 6 Li-XX

Product features:
1. 32-bit ARM processor.  Small size, light weight and rapid running speed.
2. High resolution, smooth and responsive throttle linear. Throttle signal loss protect implemented.

3. Synchronous rectification, regenerative braking, energy recuperation (saving >15% power

compared  with the other regular ESCs).

4. Automatically detect regular input signal. Throttle travel is available for setting to compatible with

different TX.

5. Start up power is automatic with great acceleration.
6. Adaptive timing, compatible with much more motors.

7. Block protection. It will stop starting up motor when motor is blocked or can’t be started for a

long time to protect motor from damage.

8. A programming card is designed for easy setting. Have complete independent intellectual property

ights, firmware is sustainable for updates.

Parameter Spec:
1. Support 2-14S (Please check ESC sticker to verify the specified cells)
2. PWM output frequency range is 8-18KHz. Different PWM can be set by programming card.
3. Regular signal throttle range is 900us-2400us.
4. Max. RPM: 300,000rolls (2 poles), 100,000rolls (6 poles), 50,000rolls (12 poles)
5. Under voltage protection. HV ESC is anti-sparked (HV only).
6. Special designed governor mode and soft start up mode for Helicopters.
7. Big current will activate freewheeling to reduce heating greatly.
8. Adaptive timing. Or manually set timing, 6 options available.
9. Adjustable brake by proportion, 3 options available.
10.A programming card is used for implementing different settings.