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Contact: Mike
Mobile: +8615602904669
Telephone: (86)755-28243629
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Address:  4th Floor, Building 8, Third Park, Xinsheng Science and Technology Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen


Model:                                         PRO-25A

Constant Current:                       25A

Max Current:                               30A for 10 seconds

BEC:                                            3A/5.5V

Lipo:                                            2-4S

Programming:                              YES

PCB Size:                                    41 x24 x9mm

Weight:                                        27g

* Super fine and smooth touch of speed controlling, first-rate accurate linearity
* Quick-respond speed of throttle
* Separate voltage regulator IC for MCU (Micro Controller Unit)
* High capability of anti-interference to decrease the possibility out of control
* Low-voltage cut-off protection of battery
* Blocked rotation protection
* Throttle signal lose protection, can prolong the service life of ESC effectively
* Compatible with a programming card to change parameters easily and conveniently

* Safe power-on. The motor won’t start no matter which position the throttle stick is when battery