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Contact: Mike
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Address:  4th Floor, Building 8, Third Park, Xinsheng Science and Technology Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen


Model:                                BL-Slim-30A-OPTO

Weight:                              25.5 g

Size:                                  46*17 mm

Constant Current:              30A

Max Current:                      35A (for ten seconds)

BEC:                                   NO

Input:                                  2 to 6Li-XX

* BLHeli Software
* USB tool updating and configuration via BLHeli GUI software
* Smooth and linear throttle control
* Fast response to throttle input
* Atmel MCU
* Stalled motor protection
* Throttle signal lose protection
* Safe power-on (throttle lockout)
* Support 480Hz+ high refresh rates
* Supports OneShot125